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There is so much curiosity about what will combine Fabio Fognini and Andreas Seppi Marco Cecchinato veteran of the lost final in Sydney.

There is so much curiosity about what will combine Fabio Fognini and Andreas Seppi Marco Cecchinato veteran of the lost final in Sydney. There is so much curiosity about what will combine Fabio Fognini and Andreas Seppi Marco Cecchinato veteran of the lost final in Sydney.

RAMSEY – Arsenal, more toned, lived annuity nearly an hour on Ramsey’s goals, his last North London derby: the Welshman was skillful at 16 ‘you make a mistake and Sanchez to put Lloris. With the 4-2-3-1, Lacazette owner and Aubameyang on the bench, Emery held in check Tottenham. Lacazette wasted, however, has twice the chance to double and when the thrust of the Spurs broke the levees, was super goalkeeper Leno, extraordinary closing of first time before on Eriksen and then on Sissoko.

KANE – In the opening shot, an important opportunity to Alderweireld, but the Belgian defender has pulled into the side netting. The good chance failed to Lacazette, replaced with the shadowy face 56 ‘from Aubameyang, have appeared like ghosts in Emery Mustafi when pushed in Kane and Taylor area has granted the rigor to Spurs, in an action where the same attacker has moved departing in an offside position.

Kane, 74 ‘, has displaced Leno and signed the 1-1: goal number 9 in the derby for the captain of Tottenham. The Arsenal is returned to the assault and a contrast ratio in area between Sanchez and Aubameyang he led Taylor to grant the second penalty of the match, this time in favor of the Gunners. The Aubameyang low shot was blocked by Lloris and Pochettino has preserved its unbeaten home in the derby with Arsenal: 3 wins and 3 draws.

The most important thing for the Spurs is having kept his distance on the Gunners. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From our correspondent Stefano Boldrini © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

January 13, 2019 – Milan will be the year of the revolution? We are approaching the season that will consecrate the generational change once and for all? Hard to say. Of course the first Slam at the Australian cement send signals indicative of what lies ahead.

A news, sad but wait, we’ve already collected on the eve. Andy Murray decided that the withdrawal is just around the corner. The hip injury has become a torment no solution. Too bad, the British did not give in his career as he could. Leave with three medals on his chest important: Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in London and Rio.

It ‘the first of the Fab Four who dominated tennis in the last fifteen years having to give. There is no cure or medicine against the strain of modern tennis. It plays so much and to fast rhythms.

The power has taken precedence over technique, the same physical structure of the players is changing. In the face of all that resist like in a fort still invincible Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer in the order the first in the world ranking and the top three seeded players in Melbourne. Djokovic: “Murray, a tennis legend” draw – The draw would have it, Rafa and Roger can be given in the semifinal round.

The two arrive at the very first tournament of the year in different conditions. The Swiss apparently already brilliant and is the seventh seal hunt. The Spaniard, however, has not yet absorbed the physical problems that have affected over the past months. Zverev: “In Australia as in London” blue – Finally the Blues.

There is so much curiosity about what will combine Fabio Fognini and Andreas Seppi Marco Cecchinato veteran of the lost final in Sydney. In particular the first two, respectively n ° 13 and n ° 18 of the ranking, begin a healthy distance comparison that could give a blue during the season in the top ten in the world ranking.

August 20, 2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO (Bra) A disaster, a terrible sports drama for Tom Daley. Nothing final. Finishing last. Unimaginable.

The semi-final of the 10m platform had been conquered on Friday by the British champion, bronze at London 2012 and as ever this year running at towards gold. Attention, not only conquered: the preliminaries were pure poetry, with a monstrous Daley. For the British an incredible score, space, unattainable: a 571.85 that allowed him to make it clear that the Chinese super would not have an easy life.

Qiu Bo came to 564.75, Chen Aisen to 545.35. All this is topped by four 10 and a quadruple and a half ahead of 103.60! The Chinese, who were going great at average of 90 points a dip, seemed to struggle only for silver, with the defending champion, the American David Boudia, there ready to join the fight for medals.

Then … The coach Jane Figueiredo consoling a desperate Daley. Getty disaster – Here go the semifinals Daley started badly, and continued gradually worse. One disaster after another, until the 18th and last place.

Deleted. All to hypothesize an injury, a physical problem. But no. This is wrong nervous breakdown after the first dive.

Dips entirely wrong: first rotation by 78.40 points, then 54.00 points in the triple and a half forward grouped with a screwing. The series of five arrived by the judges for Daley were unimaginable. The third dive? Triple back from vertical with 47.25 rating.

Small comeback in the fourth and fifth dive. Then, in the sixth and decisive, three times and a half back grouped final, with qualification to the final still within reach: a complete disaster. It was the final score of 403.25.

Last. Yes, last. Daley last with 168 points lower compared to Friday. We do not know if, as announced, to Rio was the last of the star players.

Perhaps when you have recovered, you will redeem himself. It can not end like this. message of love – Immediately arrived via twitter the message of love of mate Daley, director and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, Oscar winner in 2008 for “Milk” movie, story of the first openly gay man to be elected to a political office in the United States. Daley had come out in 2013, revealing in a video posted on YouTube of having a gay relationship.

Daley: “I go to a man and I could not be happier” Chinese Gold – And in the end the gold medal went to China. Even gold in synchro, the Chen Aisen world champion has indeed triumphed with a total score of 585.30. Silver Mexican German Sanchez (532.70), 1xbet online bronze to American defending champion David Boudia (525.25). Gasport

February 21, 2018 – PyeongChang (South Korea) Federico Pellegrino, 27, during the 4×10 km relay. LaPresse With traditional relay race four on Sunday Federico Pellegrino has not reached the goal of “rejoice along with fellow” finished seventh and off, with hard legs and some muscle strain. Weary and sad.

It did not have to try today (qualifying at 9:50, the final at 11.30) to bounce back with the friend, the roommate, silver and bronze at World, co-cop Dietmar Noeckler, for all Didi . The man of the doubt, which has run the most talked after Bean, more of the same Maicol Rastelli and Francesco De Fabiani that in addition to medals have played so far convincing evidence. It has never been so tense, Didi, who has always lived in an emotional way the races and life. “I can not look bad, the Games can happen and this race can change my life.

I do not know why I struggled this season.” Only two sixth places in the Tour de ski heartened him, in addition to Dresden’s triumph, another track, another context. But now the doubts have dissolved and it will do today the perfect wingman cool Olympic vice champion of the classic sprint. PyeongChang, Cross Country: Pellegrino, super silver photo finish his shoulder – Didi in the complementary skater shoes when you know his innate technique is the alternating step.

But in the sprint, regardless of the technical, Didi is the perfect shoulder the strongest sprinter in the world. The champion valdostano testified that “Noeckler is well beyond the 15 tl (retired), I see it on the track, I trust.” And Sepp Chenetti that some doubt expressed about the state of form of Didi, did not want to split the tandem in four years has won so much. “We play the experience card, leave Chicco with Didi to complete a course of four years.

Defa I keep it for 50 km which can be a leader.” View from Didi “Chicco infects me, drag, we are friends. I offer him confidence when he is competing with me he is quiet, I know I have with me the world champion that gives me a big charge.” Because all these seasonal worries, apart from the acute Dresden? “I worked so hard in skating, I struggle legs, I tried to go fast at the individual level but has not paid.

In the last two seasons only 2-3 times I liked it.” He always feels challenged and the exclusion of the relay to four was not an encouragement. But this is his race in pairs: in or out, without appeal.